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Funny AND a decent underlying message. Audio is NSFW. Possibly? Depending on where you work.

RayAnne is my hero

RayAnne is my hero

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coooooookies for the holidays!

Add these girls to your shopping list. This is hands-down the best holiday shopping.


Watch HelloGiggles Ingrid Haas in this hilarious video!!

Comedy: You Need To Be Watching This Woman's Videos(via @Jezebel)

I first came across DW Diaz — the oblivious, hipster starlet/actress/model/designer who is the alter-ego of comedian Daniella Pineda — on Twitter.

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Girl Gang Zine, Issue #2: The Role Model Issue

I can say with confidence, that Girl Gang Zine was the best package I’ve ever received in my life (all the way from Berlin!). Maren and Kristina did such a phenomenal job putting together issue #2 of the zine, which came in three parts:

(1) the main zine features illustrations and interviews from Maren and Kristina with their role models, like the girls from Grass Widow, Super Wild Horses, Cassie Ramone, Emma & Verity of Electrelane, Tavi Gevinson, Zola Jesus and many more.

(2) a poster of hand drawn portraits depicting your atypical list of female heroes. You can find Dawn Wiener, Enid Coleslaw, Daria, Luna Lovegood, and the Skate Witches (!!!!) on there. 

(3) a mini zine with pages created by contributors (my favorite is the Wanda Sykes page).

For now, the zine is sold out but they’re planning to do another run in mid-November. I highly recommend getting a copy!

In keeping with the Halloween theme! Here is the awesome movie Hocus Pocus in its entirety!